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Jurisdiction and Responsibilities
2018 Port Commissioners
Port By Laws

The Terrebonne Port Commission's 680-acre site is located on Industrial Blvd. in Houma, La. The tract is one mile west of LA Highway 57 and the Houma-Terrebonne Airport. The Port of Terrebonne is located on the Houma Navigation Canal within one-half mile of its intersection with the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. This location puts the port in a strategic position to take advantage of significant cargo flows and marine traffic on both waterways.
Terrebonne Parish is a vital part of a region that not only pioneered the oil and gas marine industry but also emerged as the leader in the new construction and repair of these marine vessels as well as a leader in the fabrication of some of the largest offshore structures utilized by this industry. The HNC is the lifeline for this industry and is our interstate to the rest of the world. Thousands of jobs depend on this lifeline.
The Houma Navigation Canal is a direct route to the Gulf of Mexico with no overhead restrictions and also ties the Port of Terrebonne with Port Fourchon, one of the fastest growing ports in the U.S. The Houma Navigation Canal has a published dredged depth of -15 NGVD as does the ports slip. The Port of Terrebonne strategic location gives it a competitive advantage over other medium and shallow draft ports in Louisiana. Terrebonne Port is ranked 98 out 150 US ports with cargo tonnage exceeding 2.5 million tons per year and growing.

Jurisdiction and Responsibilities

Under the provisions of its creating legislation, the Port Commission’s jurisdiction extends to all of Terrebonne Parish. This means that the “Terrebonne Port” is the entire parish of Terrebonne. This gives the Port Commission jurisdiction over all waterways in Terrebonne. Under this task, of course, the Port Commission is responsible for the continuing development and day-to-day management of the “Port”. This is a significant responsibility given the Port’s importance to the economic development of Terrebonne and the region.

No less important is the Port Commission's role in monitoring the maintenance and improvement of the navigable waterways of Terrebonne. These are vital for navigation, commerce, and recreation and, next to our people, are our most important natural as well as cultural resource. This task does not duplicate the responsibility held by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in maintaining and improving certain navigable waterways in the Parish since the Port Commission's jurisdiction does not extend to these waterways. Nevertheless, the Port Commission has enormous responsibilities.


The Terrebonne Port Commission was created by state legislature in 1964 by act 485 as a political subdivision of the state. In its creation the Terrebonne Port was given the authority to levy an ad valorem tax of up to 5 mills. In 1970 the port purchased 400 acres of land for $1 million using capital outlay money from the state. It wasn't until 1998 that the Parish entered into a cooperative endeavor with the state of Louisiana for a capital outlay grant to be used to develop the port property.

Terrebonne Parish agreed to a 50/50 match with the state for a total of $7 million for the port development. First Tenant at the port signed in 2004.

Port Statute


The local government and community civic groups appoint the 7 Commissioners for 6-year terms. All appointments are sent to the council for ratification.

The Terrebonne Parish Council has three appointments.
The Terrebonne Parish President has two appointments.
The South Central Industrial Association and the Chamber each have 1 appointment.

2018 Port Commissioners:

Name Position Appointment Term Expiration
SteveCrispino President Chamber
Greg Landry Vice President SCIA 12/31/2018
Chris Erny Secretary Council 12/31/2020
Edward Rome Commissioner Council 12/31/2020
Charles Giglio
Commissioner Council 12/31/2020
Dan Davis Commissioner Parish President 12/31/2022
Andrew Blanchard Commissioner Parish President 12/31/2022


David Rabalais- Executive Director
Sonja- Finance Manager
Wayne Lirette-Maintenance 
Port By Laws